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Some lovely words families have shared about me .....

"There is not enough words to express how truly thankful I am to have had your postnatal support over the past 3 weeks. You are truly amazing at your job!!

You helped in every way to ensure not only my newborn and two older children were happy but the care you showed towards me was fantastic!!
You opened my eyes to realise that "mummy" does need to slow down and look after herself as well 😊 Your support allowed me to recover really well from my C-section and it also allowed me to get myself into a routine with my newborn, two other children and the household chores with ease.

You have made my first few weeks with my newborn such a lovely and relaxing experience and I can't thank you enough for that.

I am so glad I decided to use you and would have no hesitation at all at recommending you to other mummies to be" (J.M)

"Mel, I have so, so appreciated the time. It has truly been a proper gorgeous newborn phase for me, something I hadn't really experienced with my other two" (G.A)

"The thought of going home with our brand new baby was both exciting and scary. I felt overwhelmed and unsure of my parenting skills. I was so grateful when we were given vouchers to put towards the post partum doula package with Mel. I was having problems breastfeeding and Mel was able to help me. I was committed and determined to breastfeed but I honestly had such a hard time during the first week that I would probably have given up had it not been for Mel's guidance and support. I will be forever grateful to Mel for not only teaching me to look after my baby boy, but for also looking after me, ensuring I always had plenty to eat/drink and was having plenty of rest. Mel always reassured me that I did know what I was doing. Mel was always available to answer all our questions, and when faced with an unusual question/circumstance, she researched the issue until she could find an answer or would guide us to professionals that would be able to help. Overall, Mel supported us with breastfeeding, slings, managing cloth nappies, baby colic, baby reflux, attending appointments (midwives, newborn photo shoot and baby swimming) and some house chores. Mel helped me become a confident and capable mother. I don't know what other first time mums do without a Mel, but I am glad I didn't have to find out!" (S&P)

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Mel for being with us during the labour and birth of our son on Sunday! Mel came when I asked her to and was a great help, doing whatever was needed. She has been a great support through our pregnancy and was fantastic during the birth! When there was an unexpected emergency right at the end of labour and we had to be transferred from home by ambulance, Mel helped my husband make sure we had everything and transferred with us. She stayed with us after delivery for a few hours and made sure we were okay even though it was the middle of the night. Thank you Mel for being so great! Looking forward to your postnatal support package!" (P&R)

"Thank you for your tenderness and support during such a special time of our lives. Your help and wise words have been invaluable and will not be forgotten. We feel blessed to have such a wonderful doula" (T&A)

"Mel has just finished her last day of postnatal support with us! Mel was our birth doula and postnatal doula. Our son was born on 9th March and Mel has been helping us regularly ever since. Her help has been invaluable. She has helped us with the baby, with managing real nappies and all the washing that goes with them, with making sure I have eaten and more recently with my transition back to work. We are sad to see her go but realise we can't keep her to ourselves and she needs to go and support others! I forgot to get a photo though Mel and I need one for his baby book, so we will have to see you sometime! Thank you for everything you have done for us." (R)